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Share market closes higher and adds 0

Share market closes higher and adds 0.4-point gain to $24.50; Dow futures rally 4% after Fed pushes down interest rates

The Dow Jones industrial average closed higher on Monday amid a rally in energy, technology and other se더킹카지노rvices stocks.

The Dow had risen as high as 18,94jarvees.com7.69 on Sept. 15 before trading down as much as 23%, according to FactSet data.

“The Dow has been gaining since late August and the market has begun to respond to the Fed’s policy decisions. We’re seeing the effects of these decisions,” said Michael Pachter, market analyst for Jefferies & Co.

“The markets are beginning to take shape and companies appea바카라r to be ready for these policy changes. If this pattern continues, markets will probably be on an incline to their highest levels since late August of 2014 until the beginning of Q4.”

Futures prices for the S&P 500 index of stocks fell as much as 1.4%, according to FactSet data.

Investors cheered the data as the market continues to move higher under Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, though they also expected it to be a “pitch-black” holiday weekend for the broader market.

“The market has become more disciplined and accommodative in terms of market behavior,” said Jim O’Donnell, chief market strategist at Wedbush Securities Inc. “These changes in policy continue to serve us well.”

U.S. shares extended their gains to a 5-1/2-year high on Monday.

Energy, technology and other services stocks recorded gains after the Federal Reserve on Monday said its central bank will begin the gradual process of tightening its monetary policy.

The benchmark S&P 500 gained nearly 1% to 2,717.21; technology and other stocks gained 0.4%.

S&P 500 Index ETFS (SPX)

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a composite of the major stock market indexes and indexes managed by the Fidelity Total Market Indexes, an FOMC member company. Fidelity Total Market Indexes manages many of the indexes’ products, including Dow, Russell 2000 and Russell 3000.

Trades: Dow futures close higher and adds 0.4-point gain to $24.50; Dow futures rally 4% after Fed pushes down interest rates

Moody’s has lowered the likelihood of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in August and has raised its rating on the New Yor