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Mining company says train charge proposals are unfair to miners and must be rejected

Mining company says train charge proposals are unfair to miners and must be rejected

R바카라사이트ailway giant Tata Group is calling for a major rethink of its planned plans to build a superfast rail link to Mumbai via Kolkata, a controversial proposal that could see millions lose their jobs and hurt the lives of millions.

Tata, the world’s largest private sector employer, s바카라사이트ays plans to link the city to the south by the Kolkata-Meghalaya Railway (KMYR) will create tens of thousands of jobs. It has also proposed a rail bypass for 40km along the southern coastal stretch of the KAYAT-Meghalaya expressway (the only high speed expressway in India) and proposes a new line for the KMYR through the city. In Augusjarvees.comt, the Indian Railways also launched a consultation process for a high speed train link to the city, which has been given the green light.

But the project is a polarising one. The rail industry, led by state-owned Tata, is opposed to the project, with some experts arguing that the idea of having such a rapid railway link can improve productivity rates by reducing the time spent waiting for trains. They say the cost would be too high and would benefit a few small towns on the eastern fringe of the city where few commuters would want a direct railway link to Mumbai.

“What the railways should be focusing on is creating more jobs to help boost the growth,” says Ashish Chaudhari, head of the rail industry research at Ernst & Young. “It will not bring much benefits to Mumbai as a whole. But it will benefit a few small towns, especially Kolkata, where some of the biggest players are based.”

Other Indian Railways executives who have attended the Mumbai meetings include Pune-based Ajay Kothari, who runs an engineering firm that designs trains, and Pune-based Ashish Sharma, executive vice president of engineering at Tata Group. Kothari has taken part in the meetings of the Railway Council and the Tata Institute of Design, which are now under way to find a suitable replacement for the existing rail yards. Sharma is an executive vice president of Tata Consultancy Services, the design services firm with a $4bn sales division that does work on railways and is based in Mumbai.

At the meetings of the Railway Council on Monday, officials plan to draw up a list of demands that will be included in any decision on the rail link with Kolkata in return for India’s investment in the new Mumbai infrastructur