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Rallies in hong kong over beijing’s education reforms are being planned

Rallies in hong kong over beijing’s education reforms are being planned

We may yet see another protest in support of teachers under the headline ‘Education reform not a national priority’, wit카지노 검증h a number of다낭 크라운 카지노 groups calling for a nationwide strike to raise awareness about the issue.

The National Education Association of China is holding a nationwide rally on June 7.

It is due to meet with representatives of parents and local education administrators, schools, unions and employers in the capital, to address concerns and discuss how to increase classroom and school operations and funding in China, while reducing or delaying school closures by teachers.

The country has an enormous number of poor students. In 2007, 46.6 per cent of Chinese children aged two and under had school grades of A or better, with 46 per cent of those in the lowest-ranked secondary schools. However, as many as 13 per cent of China’s children are expected to drop out by the time they leave high school.

In 2015, there were 11 million fewer pupils in the lowest-ranking schools, leading to the creation of 1.2m empty seats in more-well-known second마카오 카지노 여자ary schools across the country. Many schools are underfunded and understaffed.

An estimated 25 per cent of China’s public secondary school students are from rural families.

A teacher with the China Federation of Secondary Education teachers’ union told the Financial Times, “We have to do things we don’t have a say in.”

“This will create a big backlash among the public,” another teacher said.

“Some of the kids in low-performing schools will come here, and they will be treated as if they have abandoned their education. And that is how the system should be organised,” he said.

On June 9 a petition calling for teacher protests to be held on Sunday evening in Beijing was posted on Weibo, China’s social media site.

More than 6,000 signatures were posted by users over the course of two days, calling for a nationwide teacher strike at 4pm local time, calling for the school system to receive a better amount of funding and providing details of how to hold the protests.

The petition was deleted the following day, after it had attracted more than 2700 signatures at the time of writing.

Teacher unions have previously voiced support for teachers’ strikes. But the Teachers’ Federation of China (FFC) has in recent years also advocated for student rights.